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  • Mailed to Single Family Homes and Businesses with Incomes of $40K and above.
  • Well Known By Local Customers
  • Great Reputation with Business Owners
  • Best Rates compared to the competition.

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Clear Lake Family Magazine

  • Mailed to 35,000+ Homes & Businesses 6 times per year
  • Bay Forest, Bay Oaks, Nassau Bay, El Lago, Seabrook, Clear Lake City, University Green, Taylor Lake Village
  • 77059, 77062, 77058, 77586, 77598

South Shore Family Magazine

  • Mailed to 35,000+ Homes & Businesses 6 times per year
  • Webster, South Shore Harbor, Kemah, League City, Clear Lake Shores, Victory Lakes
  • 77539, 77573, 77565

Deer Park Family Magazine

  • Mailed to 33,000+ Homes & Businesses 6 times per year
  • Deer Park, Pasadena, La Porte
  • 77504, 77505, 77571, 77536

Baytown Family Magazine

  • Mailed to 30,000+ Homes & Businesses 6 times per year
  • Baytown, Highlands, Mount Belvieu, Beach City
  • 77562, 77521, 77523, 77520

About The Publisher: Traci Taylor Smith
I have been working in the advertising world since 1997. My first job in advertising/sales was with ‘Wheels Magazine” which was quickly bought up by “Trader Publishing Company” I soared to the top in sales my first year in the business. But having to drive over 300 miles a week to met weekly deadlines, I knew it wasn’t the “ideal job” for me or my young boys who needed me closer to home. So my next job was helping Rick Clapp start up a monthly magazine down in the Clear Lake area, called “The Baycomber”.

I learned the ropes even more on the ins & outs of publishing, and not to mention I had established a lot of great relationships with business owners in the Bay Area. It didn’t take me long to realize that I needed to work for myself. I looked into several options for me to venture out on my own, and quickly found Dana Hundly, who runs a similar direct mail magazine in the Pearland area. She is a wonderful publisher whom I respect & look up to very much in the business. Soon after our encounter, “Postal Publications” was born!!!

I printed & mailed my first issue back in March, 1990. It was the BEST risk I have taken, and worth all the hard work I had to put in. I have been very blessed by many talented people who have helped me along the way, plus all my loyal & wonderful clients! I would not be here without you!!!